Sarasota Wind Mitigation Inspections

Wind Mitigation Inspections in  Sarasota Florida

 Most Florida homeowners do not realize by not having a wind mitigation inspection, the savings they could be missing out on.
These savings on some homes are large amounts of money that the policyholder had been paying without realizing.
That is why now is a great time to have a Wind Mitigation inspection done. 

What does a Wind Mitigation Inspection consist of ?

Roof Coverings

 We look at your roofing covering such as aasphalt shingles or tile roof. The date of the installation. Does it meet FBC (Florida building code standards)?  How is the roof decking installed? What sizes nails and spacing of the nailing pattern? What size wood or is it OSB? 
Does the roof have a Secondary water resistant? 

Protection of openings.

 Protection of openings are Miami-Dade approved non-impact windows or hurricane protection (storm panels, accordians, roll down shutters). Any of these mentioned tems will provide you with additional savings.

Gable Bracing and hurricane clips and straps

 Other areas that help with discounts are roof geometry . Hip style roofs are the best geometry due to the flow of wind over the design of the hip roof.  Hurricane straps and clips wll also help with the uplift of heavy winds. If the structure has a gable roof design this can be rectified by proper cable bracing by using straps.

How much do Wind Mitigation Inspections Cost?

 Single family homes up to 2000 sq. ft.- $85.00
2001-3000- $95.00
3001-4000- $125.00
5000 and above- call for pricing.

Who can perform a Wind Mitigation Inspection
Citizens considers as valid a uniform mitigation verification form that is certified by the Department of Financial Services or signed by one the following qualified inspectors:

  • A hurricane mitigation inspector certified by the My Safe Florida Home program*
  • A Florida-licensed general, building or residential contractor
  • A Florida-certified building code inspector or building code official (who is authorized by the State of Florida or its counties' municipalities to verify building code compliance)
  • A Florida-licensed professional engineer who has passed the appropriate equivalency test of the Building Code Training Program as required by section 553.841, Florida Statutes
  • A Florida-licensed professional architect
  • A Florida-licensed roofing contractor (for roofing mitigation features/components only)

*Note: Due to the expiration of the My Safe Florida Home program, all hurricane mitigation inspectors previously certified under the program became inactive as of June 30, 2009. For policyholders who participated in the program, Citizens will accept Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Forms completed by a certified inspector associated with the program and who was active on the date of the inspection..

Florida Wind Insurance Savings Calculator

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